Technical Live Fire Demonstration at a location in New Jersey of an old working Laptop with a 100 Watt Heater attached to the 9 cell Lithium Ion Battery pack to induce fire.

Images of PED Lithium Ion Battery fire Containment, Extinguishing & Recovery action in the FLIGHT FIRE BOX -version 1.

Working Laptop on a Flame Proof Ceramic Sheet topped table

The appearance of smoke

The ensuing explosive flames

Explosive venting of 2 Cells in Li Ion Battery

Fire from contents of vented Lithium Ion cells

Thermal Runaway migration thru other cells

Continuation of fire

The entire sequence of burning until now 40 seconds

The Protective approach towards the burning Laptop



and..Trap, deployment of the Flight Fire Box

The Lockdown & Containment of flaming Laptop

Discharge of the in-suite Halon Unit. Fume Bags not deployed, seam leaks on Version-1.

Further 2 Cells venting inside Flight Fire Box

Heat Extraction & Cooling phase with only 10 oz/300 mL of inbuilt coolant/water pouch

Flaming liquid contents of the Lithium Ion Battery still afire on the Flame Proof Ceramic

Unit is being moved 35 seconds after containment of Laptop.

The Unit now cooled and just touch hot, 3 minutes later

Fully cooled and opened 7 minutes later

The Halon Extinguished & Partially Burnt Laptop, prevented from total secondary burn thru

The Battery, 4 Cells vented and 5 Cells still Intact shows Thermal Runaway arrested by Heat Extraction, Containment & Cooling

The Fire Recovered 60 Gb Hardrive of the Laptop

Recovered Data view of the Hardrive, final proof, Flight Fire Box really works by Containing &
Extinguishing a PED/Laptop Lithium Ion Battery Fire

Extracts from Thermal Images Recorded during the Live Fire Technical Demonstation of Flight Fire Box-Version1, with Temperature Data in Centigrade and Recording Time in minutes and seconds.


The current version being offered is the All New highly improved  Flight Fire Box-FXB-7, featuring the Innovative Pullup Flame-Resistant Shroud has been redesigned in a completely different Thin Top-Deeper Bottom shell case, with Quad Port & 4 Vent Valves, Additional Inlet Port Valve, Improved Larger Seam Gaskets & higher capacity Twin Coolant Disintegrating Pouches.