Flight Fire Box-FXB-7: Features -

One unit solution for any situation, size, type of in-flight PED Li Ion Battery Fires on passenger aircraft, business jet or helicopter.    

Open-Grab-Trap, Contain & Extinguish rapid deployment operation .  

  • Especially designed as an  inflight PED Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher and Containment System.
  • One design  large enough to enclose various sized PEDs, 17 inch Laptop, Electronic Flight Bag, POS devices, Ebook, Cabin Crew EPads, Aircraft ELTS/PLB, Large Digital Camera with Telephoto Lens, Professional Video Camera, Mobile Smart Phone, MP3 Players, GPS,  Nebulizer, Bio Medical Systems, Test Instuments, Thermal Imagers, various sized Spare Li Ion Battery packs, Hand Tool Power Packs, Electronic Cigarette/Vaping devices, etc.
  • Easy to use single action to Open-Grab-Trap or Dropin, rapid deployment/containment extinguish operation. 
  • Elimination of time delay or burns & injuries by leakage in transfer devices, pickup or scoops.
  • Novel, light weight Aluminium rapid Heat Extract & Dissipate design. Large surface area & thermal mass effectively minimize & arrest Thermal Runway of PED Lithium battery. Replaceable High Temp Stainless Steel lining prevents Flame Burn thru from corrosive burning metals of exploding PED batteries.
  • Prevent secondary PED burn thru, especially essential to prevent continued burning of modern light weight Laptops made of Magnesium alloy chassis & Lithium Ion batteries.
  • In-Suite Aviation standard (cockpit/cabin class) mini Halon Fire Extinguisher. Rugged Quick Dismount Holder enables compliance with Fire/Safety Inspection procedures. Optional Cylinder Adaptors to suit integration by Airline specific preappoved, supply chain logistics, MRO /Vendors.  Built in disintegrating pouches for Aqueous Coolant or optional agency/airline, pre-approved fire suppresion media. 
  • NEW! Innovative Pullup Flame-Resistant Shroud for Entrapment of Backpack complete with the Laptop or PED fire inside.
  • Innovative Large, quick Pullup Flame Resistant Shroud with a silicon coated,vapor/gas barrier enables entrapment of complete Laptop Backpacks with Laptop fire inside preventing injuries, saving response time & difficulty in extraction of burning Laptop from backpack.
  • Brings to bear, rapid, targeted, simultaneous & multifaceted fire containment, suppressive & extinguishing action on PED fire source/Lithium Ion Battery Fire. 
  • Designed with Pressure tight Viewing Ports, Multiple Stainless Steel Inlet, Outlet, Purge/Bleed Valves fitted with High Temp chemical resistant Viton O Rings, Buna,Viton Pressure seals, gaskets and fire resistant Nomex, Kevlar straps,1000 deg.C /1800 deg.F glass chaulk.
  • Allows supplementary infusion from any available Fire Extinguisher on board for additional fire control in case of severe/ prolonged PED fire. Low Crack Pressure Inlet Valves enable hand squeeze pressure infusion of addition coolant from drinking water bottles. Purge/Bleed Valve & Low Pressure Inlet Valves allow optional continuous coolant circulation for enhanced cooling  requirement. Pressure Tight Visual Obsevation Ports allow interactive/adaptive suppression during progress of PED fire.
  • Gas tight Pressure Vessel Containment system & multiple Outlet Valves auto vent fumes and the burst pressure pulse of a Li Ion battery while maitaining a preset Balanced, Isolated & Low Pressure Halon Gas rich micro-environment.  Attains over 70 percent Halon concentration  to achieve minimum gas maximum penetration into PED body to target & chemically interact,  extinguish Li Ion battery/PED fire. Pneumatic Micro-Cylinder Pressure driven Interlocking latches prevent accidental opening. Enables safe pressurized containment and post fire transportation of PED reducing possible resurgence of a dormant PED fire untill landing.  Avoids excessive over dispersement of Halon Gas during PED fire control within populated cabin areas reducing Ecological Damage, passenger incovenience, irritation , dizziness,etc.
  • Large capacity flame resistant Fume Containment Inflation Bags avoids egress of toxic fumes/smoke into populated cabin area during operation.  Reduces flamability of the Toxic Gas when mixed with Halon.  Ergonomic design & multiple handles enable rapid deployment during a PED/Li Ion Battery fire also allowing the unit to be used as a protective shield while approaching fire.
  • Avoids  Emergency turnaround/landing, flight delays, associated fuel expenses, expensive interior repairs or grounding of aircraft asset.
  • Increases Possibility of data recovery from post fire PED. Enables investigative PED failure analysis. 
  • Cost Effective Investment to ensure uninterrupted peacefull flight with enhanced passenger & crew safety. Minimize injury. Protect aircraft asset. Make aircraft truly PED Friendly & Safe.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

This unit is for deployment and use ONLY by Flight Crew/Personell trained and conversant with Aviation Fire Control & Safety procedures.